Style Solution’s… Hem Length Alert!

Dear Image Mistress,

I have had a 5 year career break from work due to having children, I will be starting a new job in 2 months, the problem is I have to go out and purchase a whole new working wardrobe. I am in my early 40’s and my new job requires me to dress quite formal… but at the moment I am not sure where to start? Especially with skirt lengths? There seems to be so many options at the moment… mini’s, midi’s and maxi skirts, please help?

Carole, Belfast

Dear Carole,

Congratulations on securing a new job… I’m sure you must be really excited and thanks for sending me your style dilemma which I hope to solve and having you looking great and feeling fabulous in no time.

Let’s start with your working wardrobe… we have a recent blog post:‘Making Work Wear Work for You’ hopefully by viewing this article you will have a clearer idea as to what you can select to help build your working wardrobe?

Now let’s move onto hem lengths… I cannot emphasise how important it is to achieve the correct hem length! Too short a hem length can make any female look like ‘mutton’ and mid-length skirts can put years on your look.

I always suggest to my clients to start considering your hem length from 35+years… in fact the ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ actress Andie MacDowell (50+yrs) has recently been quoted in an interview as saying:

‘No super short (skirts). You’ve got to take the hems down, especially past 50. I don’t care how good your legs are.’

Well Carole my sentiments are echoed by Andie… in fact just above the knee is the shortest you should consider past 35yrs+… and progressing to on or just below the knee… as all ladies knees start to age from around their mid forties.

On the other hand… I know there is a trend for ‘midi’s’ at the moment which are skirts that fall around the middle of the calf, personally although on-trend I think this look may age you and perhaps make you look a little frumpy? Mid length skirts are for the trendy under 30’s or the 65+ age group.

Now for a word on Maxi skirts… the majority of maxi’s are either casual or evening wear so I recommend that you look to knee length skirts to help build your work wardrobe.

Finally may I also suggest that there are very few females who can pull off bare legs at work even with a knee length skirt, so my obvious solution are nude tights for Summer and coloured, neutral or patterned tights for Winter.

Carole I hope I have helped to solve your dilemma? Please feel free to contact The Image Mistress should you need any further image advice?

If there is anyone else who would like the Image Mistress to solve their style dilemma, contact us and you can be featured in next month’s Style Solution’s?

Stay Stylish,

The Image Mistress xo

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