Your Essential Basic Wardrobe Staples!

The perfect wardrobe is made from a combination of the Capsule Wardrobe (classics & basic staples) combined with key pieces.

The capsule wardrobe should be neutral, timeless and transferable throughout seasons. The objectives are flattery, simplicity, comfort, lifestyle and versatility. Colours should be from your neutral palette such as black, white, camel, navy, brown & grey. Garments should be made of quality fabrics such as cotton, cashmere, jersey, silk & wool.

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Coupled with the capsule garments are key pieces. Key items within a wardrobe create your own personality & style and work within your lifestyle, they also add an extra dimension to an outfit and make it interesting. The key pieces do not necessarily have to be on trend but have a unique value & strength, they also have to be versatile to work with the rest of your wardrobe.

No matter what your lifestyle, whether you are a Yummy Mummy, Party Girl, Housewife, Working Woman, Student or Lady of Leisure every wardrobe should have the basic staples. But why? I hear you utter. Well, because whatever your age or lifestyle, every woman will need the basics to wear to the following occasions:

– A casual social occasion, such as lunch with friends, daytrip or dinner at the pub

– Job interview, business, parent or general meeting.

– A night out, date or romantic occasion.

– A black-tie or formal party.

Therefore use the following basic wardrobe staples as a guideline to what you should aim to have within your Capsule Wardrobe:

White Shirt, that will flatter your body shape.waist gap perfect oxford shirt separates

Versatile Lightweight Cardigan, neutral coloured from your palette.

Jacket, smart and versatile, black or neutral coloured from your palette. Needs to work with smart skirt and trousers.

Trousers x3, all three should flatter your body shape:

Denim/casual x1, choose casual in a neutral coloured from your palette.

Smart/Casual x1, black or neutral coloured from your palette.

Day/Evening x1, black or neutral coloured from your palette.

The Little Black Dress, yes I know not everyone can wear black close to their face, but why not view our recent post ‘Top 10 Tips on How to Make Colour Work for You!’. Besides trust me the LBD is the ultimate staple, just make sure it flatters your body shape.LBD

T-shirts, create a selection of neutral coloured from your palette or include grey, black, navy and while. Make sure they are versatile and of course flatter you body shape.

Skirt, black or neutral coloured from your palette. Versatile enough to work from day to evening.

Top, neutral coloured from your palette. Will work as a more formal alternative to T-shirts.

Shoes x3, neutral coloured. Boots x1pair, flats x1pair and evening shoesx1pair. Again make sure the shoes/boots flatter your body shape.

Handbag, black or neutral coloured. Versatile to suit your lifestyle and flatters your body proportions.

Additional to the every woman’s basic wardrobe staples, you will need other capsule wardrobe pieces to suit depending on your lifestyle?

Make sure to view Monday’s blog post when I will be suggesting my ‘Top 5 Basic Wardrobe Staples!’ Until then…

Stay Stylish,
The Image Mistress xo - UK

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10 Comments on “Your Essential Basic Wardrobe Staples!”

  1. April 23, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    A brilliant post, as per usual. I am still on the mission to find a perfect tailored pair that I could wear day to night:)

    • April 23, 2012 at 11:43 am #

      Thank you Edita for the amazing compliments:) I hope you will be successful in your mission to find the perfect pair of tailored trousers!! Thank you:) xoxo

  2. September 1, 2014 at 6:48 am #

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    similar to small rolling hills or mounds that are long enough for tying together to close the bag.
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